Adventure October 20, 2018

4 Things To Do At Omu Resort

On this episode of #AdventureswithChi, I had a Daycation at Omu Resort in Bogije with my family and I thought it will be great to do a video and share my experience with YOU! We visited Omu Resort to celebrate my nephew’s 5th birthday (You’d get to see him in the video below).

It was an exciting experience to be in Lagos and experience something different from the usual hustling and bustling the city is known for.
If you ever get to visit Omu Resort, here are five things I recommend.

Visit the zoo at 4 pm!

We went on a Saturday and the lion gets fed by 4 pm. This was a major crowd puller as everyone left all the resort has to offer and waited by the fences and watched the lion get fed. It wasn’t the best experience for me watching another animal get killed, but now I can say I have seen a lion and also watched it eat.

Stick with the pirate ship

Omu Resort

Pirate ship | Credit: The Guardian Nigeria

The pirate ship was an afterthought, but it was a welcome one. Again, it gives the same rush of adrenaline like when you are on a standard ride at the amusement park. A few family members cried on this ride, so I’m sure it’s something everyone should try.

Kayaking is a must!

Unfortunately, I have no images from my time here, but it was a great experience. It’s best if you do this with a group of people.

The contraption is for you!

I call it the red contraption because I have no other name for it, but it was a very thrilling experience for my family members that went on it. If you love the thrills you get at amusement parks, then this is just for you!
You can watch the whole adventure in the video below.

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