Chidera Muoka


Nigerian Hypocrisy: Between The Lines

The song This Is Nigeria by Falz paints the entire crux of the conflict between what is a perceived idea about a situation and the real situation is in the giant of Africa. “… Extremely poor. The medical facilities are poor. We operate a predatory, neocolonial capitalist system, which is founded on fraud and exploitation, and therefore, […]

MI Abaga ~ Rap Messiah

When Jude Abaga hit the scene with his Crowd Mentality single in 2006, Nigerian hip-hop heads welcomed the freshness of his idea, the audacity of his witty lyrics tightly packed in bars and a healthy dose of social commentary. And when his debut LP, Talk About It, hit the shelf on December 11, 2008, there […]


To begin the I AM Series, I put out an open call on Twitter asking to feature amazing individuals. There was a lot of radio silence at first, and then a handful of people responded. Jessica (Jess) Gordon was one. I remember her moving email titled, ‘Beautifully Created‘ #Rebirth: I have never seen myself this […]

The Trouble With Maternal Healthcare In Nigeria

Maria has been in a popular hospital for three weeks since the delivery of her twins. She says her husband ran away after he found out she was pregnant. Despite the cheap cost of the medical bills, Maria cannot afford to cover her bills. Since then, doctors, whose profession is characterised by owed salaries, have […]

LGBTQ In Nigeria ~ Between Law And Love

For every rational human being, finding love is, arguably, one of the best things in life. And when that love enjoys the support of friends and family, the joy is fuller. But for Shalom Shoremi, finding love pitted her against her family. The problem? Her partner was of the same sex. As a woman, her […]

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