Chidera Muoka

Short Stories

Navigating The Dynamics Of Society’s Dysfunctional Love

As I grow older, I learn that certain things I felt to be normal aren’t normal and living with them right from the age of four when my consciousness kicked in is one reason I am different shades of fucked up. It felt pretty normal to be a part of this dysfunctional love stamped and […]

The Fight For My Life ~ A Personal Reflection On Mental Health

The first time Tuebi told me she had anxiety issues. I didn’t understand, I’m also pretty sure I scrunched my nose up and thought to myself “What a butty thing to say”, probably said it out loud too. I was clueless about mental health and I was about to be schooled. The beginning In January […]

One Member Berry At A Time

The first time I watched this episode of South Park, I remember thinking of Ribena and laughing from the depth of my stomach. The member berries episode stuck, so here goes mine. I remember the first time I beat Precious and Ivana on the track. God knows I felt like a different human being. Those […]

Welcome To My Website!

Can I say how awesome you are for using your data to click on this link? Yes you! You’re awesome and I’m just pretty excited to start this online journey. Welcome to my website! On this site, you will be privy to a lot of the things that interest me. I hope they are insightful […]

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