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Conversations with Chi: The Nigerian Problem with Feminism

The words ‘feminism’ and ‘feminist’ can trigger a volcanic reaction in any conversation in Nigeria. On this episode of ‘Conversations with Chi’, Coco of the Albimazing Network and I shared our thoughts on the Nigerian problem with feminism.

Last week, a lady on social media shared her experience in breaking grounds with feminism in her tradition and this (image shared below) broke Twitter out with the same narrative of reducing the aim and mission of feminism. Hence, the problem with Nigerians and their views on feminism.

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The problem….

People lack understanding of the concept and have made it about the trivial things that focus on the society’s allocation of gender roles that is ingrained in the culture of the Nigerian people.

There isn’t the need to educate and be educated on the issues that feminism tries to address, both by feminists and the target audience are we aim to reach.

Major beneficiaries of what feminism speaks about are not ready to relinquish that power they have gotten via their privilege and the idea of change seems to them like the beginning of the end.

The way forward….

Starting conversations within our immediate communities is the way forward. Engaging and educating from the grassroots is essential and that is what Coco and I did in the video below.

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