Guardian Life July 15, 2018

Countering Rape Culture In Nigeria

There are only a few things more horrifying than the accusation of rape.

In recent years, social media has been awash with conversations revolving around this divisive topic, from accusations of revered celebrities to victims bravely narrating their experiences. These stories date back decades, revealing that rape is not a new phenomenon in Nigeria.

The Violence Against Persons’ Prohibition (VAPP) Act states, “Rape is non-consensual penetration of a person’s vagina, anus, mouth or body parts with an object, penis or other body part.”

Rape is born out of the deliberate or non-deliberate notion that the victim’s body is that of the perpetrator’s to take whenever they please.

It is often used as a tool to punish, shame, debase, subdue or control the minority who do not conform to a perceived acceptable social norm, from “testing” virginity or “having a share” of an allegedly promiscuous woman to “curing” a homosexual.

When a society fails to protect victims and punish perpetrators, then it iterates this claim. This, thereby, entrenches this form of sexual assault as a norm and pseudo-benefit only available to the perpetrators.

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