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Creating And Editing My First YouTube Video Ever!

From setting up this website myself with no prior experience, to creating my first YouTube video, it’s been one great ride. When I decided to start this online journey, I mentally prepared myself for all the challenges I knew will come my way.

In The Beginning….

“Just Do It!” – Nike.

Thinking of all my limitations and it took me longer than I would have liked to make this video. I had no camera, no tripod and limited funds. Basically, I had the recipe for no video-making at all. Last week, I changed this mindset and decided to get everything I needed and work with the little I had which I did.

Taking the bull by the horn, I ordered a smartphone tripod from Jumia last week Monday and started researching on the best ice-breaker for my YouTube channel (just a friendly reminder – you can subscribe here). I settled on a mashup of the New YouTuber and the Get To Know Me Tag. I received the tripod on Friday, although I was expecting it this Monday. In the end, it worked to my advantage.

The Creator’s Timeline

Like a kid with a new toy, I could barely sleep on Friday night and tried recording my intro video into the wee hours of the morning. When I woke up on Saturday, I wasn’t exactly pleased with the videos I created, so I made another on Saturday afternoon.

I spent the better part of Saturday recording as many videos (read intros) and towards evening, I finally had a couple of videos I could work with. I Googled ‘free video editing apps’ and found Videopad, which was quite easy to use. As with every beginner, I lost the first cut I had edited.

YouTube meme

Credit: Know Your Meme

That didn’t stop me. No way! My mantra for 2018 is #WeMove and that was exactly what I did. I finished editing the second cut late at night, exported it and went to bed a champion. My dreams on Saturday were filled with clips of how I didn’t like the end of my video and I was quite sure I was going to change it when I woke up.

Ultimate Realisation

However, what I realised when I woke up was, I would always find something wrong with the video which in turn means I’d continue to procrastinate putting it up. So I put up my first YouTube video and although I’m not pumped about the quality, this is a learning curve for me.

From starting my website to editing my first Youtube video, I’ve never felt more in control in my life like I do now.

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