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“I hope someone somewhere will be able to draw inspiration from me. Considering what I’ve been through and how I have been able to overcome that, and still live a positive life, doing positive things…”

Edwin Iguodala

I made an open call on Twitter and asked people to get the word out, but it was difficult finding people who wanted to share their stories. But not Edwin! Victor Ugo of Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI) introduced him to me and he was nothing but positive about the series from the jump.

Many months after that email and shoot, Edwin still radiates so much energy that it is impossible to meet him and not be overwhelmed by great feelings. Asides his occupation as a Food Scientist, he also shared that he loves to drive and works on an online taxi service. He get’s so many stares from riders he picks and people who see him beside his car but that hasn’t stopped him.

Edwin Iguodala

Edwin is so vibrant and full of life! His driving incident cost him his arm, but it definitely didn’t cost him his outlook on life and that’s why his story is so inspiring. He is a classic example of making lemonades out of lemons.

Edwin Iguodala

The I AM series is an on-going series by Chidera Muoka in collaboration with Niyi Okeowo to showcase unique individuals who are plus-size, have tribal marks, or have physical scars. To capture them in their most vulnerable form and share their amazing stories.

You can watch the video here.

Creative Direction: Chidera Muoka (@themadamezeta)

Photography: Niyi Okeowo (@niyiokeowostudio)

Videography: Kayode Idowu (@idkayode)


18 thoughts on “I AM EDWIN IGUODALA

  1. I have never met Edwin before but i happen to know his sister quite well. I do not currently have any physical disabilities but back in 2017 when my dad went under the knife and had to undergo a surgery to amputate his left leg due to diabetes. It made me fall into a deep phase of depression but i was comforted by Edwin’s story that there is hope after such incidents in someone’s life. Dad till now isn’t fully recovered mentally but with time and stories like Edwin’s i have no doubt that dream isn’t far within reach.

  2. I and Edwin had been friends for 13 years now, we met in University and we are in the same faculty. He is a strong guy, full of inspiration, open hearted, intelligent and as allot if potential. Words cant just describ him. All I know he his a great guy… Fela

    1. I met Edwin through fela and my cousin Funmi, it’s been a long time, I remember when fela, told me about the accident.I was shocked 😳,U inspired me and I admire ur courage,u are beautiful in and out, funny, crazy,loving………..and friendly

  3. Went to the Uni with this guy. We call him ‘Iwi’, his other name i guess.
    Fantastic guy.
    I wasn’t that close to him but some of the guys i roll with were close friends with him.
    I’m glad he’s put it behind and moved on.
    Bravo Edwin.

  4. Edwin Toosiq Iguodala is a friend and a brother his story is one that the world needs to hear and know that no predicament is barrier rather can be a motivation to the victim and his environment.

  5. Iwi I have never commented on anything before but you are like a son to me. It was actually hard for me to watch . I first said oooh your dad sent me an email when I was just saying I needed to call him and your mom yesterday. Anyway that aside, I watched it and I was able to come to terms with it after 3 years of the incident i believe it is. You are everything you said you are, funny, a go getter, full of positive energy, and always inspirational to those who know you. You are a true blessing to your family and friends that know you. I was scared before but God has giving you the forum to speak and give others in similar position hope to believe and live your life.God bless you my son & we all love you. Anty, Aisha

  6. I am not surprised at all. Mr Iguodala is a friend and brother from as far back as secondary school and way into adulthood.. Sometime back He was the pillar that kept me up when I felt all hope was lost..he went all out even out of his way and way past His comfort zone to keep me smiling, alive and hopeful…I take solace in the fact he has risen above the circumstances, ‘Iwi’…..i see you,….. I SEE YOU.

  7. Great to see my good friend and classmate coming out strong after that horrible accident, keep going strong bro

  8. My school son.. My pet…. My partner in play..

    Met years back in Futa… Became great buddies..

    A very handsome, charming, smart, witty boy (yes, you are always a boy to me)..πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

    Then one afternoon, I got a devastating call.. Iwi, had an accident..

    My world literally paused, several thoughts flashed, because we lost a dear friend to accident some years back..

    I called, he picked.. I was delighted, but still scared…

    Tried visiting him, but he said no need cause I would not be allowed in..

    Weeks past and he told me his arm has been amputated..

    I cried… Called Olawunmi, we cried and prayed for it not to come pass..

    Several times I would call and not talk about his arm.. I didn’t have the courage to ask Iwi, about his arm…

    We just kept on like nothing happened, because nothing happened, all that matter is that he is alive, more positive minded and braver than I thought..

    For the first after his accident a year ago, I saw his arm.. The tears rolled.. But it was more of joy because he is still as handsome, witty and charming as ever..

    Iwi you are my man crush for this month of July.. Oh it is even your birth month..

    I love you and I am glad you are part of my life..

    Thank you for inspiring me again.. And again…

  9. He was my junior in secondary school. Was moved to the bone when I heard about his case .Very vibrant soldier.
    I have a story I can share, perhaps it will inspire someone out there.
    But I need to understand the bison of the group behind this.
    I can be reached on

  10. Hi Edwin, you did well. I am proud of you. I am proud of your courage. I am proud to have known you and to have a school colleague of yours.
    You really inspire me. And YES, YOU ARE THE NEXT BIG THING. more grace dear.
    Funmi Oguntuase.

  11. Hi Edwin, you did well. I am proud of you. I am proud of your courage. I am proud to have known you and to have been a school colleague of yours.
    You really inspire me. And YES, YOU ARE THE NEXT BIG THING. more grace dear.
    Funmi Oguntuase.

    NB: how can i save or download this interview video? Thank you.

  12. Inspiration drawn from u iwi, to have shared d same room with u during our secondary school days has really made it add to believe this happened to u, broooo u have not changed, u re strong, vocal, smillly, still being ur self, proud of u bro, and Dnt forget Jesus loves u and cares about u.

  13. Awwwwwww my broda from anoda mother..I never knew u had an accident. I had to follow this link to be sure it’s not a movie. I trust ur sense of bravery and I know u won’t give up. Shine on bro….Collins from JABU

  14. Edwin was my course mate at university. This dude is soo cool, sophisticated and intelligent. I am soo sure this dude is really the next big thing. He his mentally loaded.
    With love from

  15. Iwee, my favourite Driver. Never met anyone so full of life despite the challenge. You are a good gist partner, so easy to talk to and learn from you.
    I hope the world sees beneath your arm.
    Live long.

  16. Edwin iguodala …a man av I known from way back as far as NNSS abk(days)…known him to be a vibrant,witty,brilliant and out spoken, agitator…had the prowess of making people flock around him and believe all he says….he masterminded one of my nicknames (nonsense) ,which was actually meant to be nonsy…that aside. Growing up and having to go through some stages in life I came for an interview in lekki middle of last year only to my greatest surprise on entering the gate of our office I saw an Edwin look alike without an arm….the whole tension of the interview vanished and I kept praying it wasn’t Edwin I just saw… I told my guy bobby DAT I guess I knew DAT guy he asked for his name and he went upstairs to tell Edwin only for Edwin to come down stairs to see me,we hugged and he noticed I was cold…I just cdnt wait for him to tell me what happened,….I met Edwin in the office at a time I was depressed it was at a point I was struggling to stand ,Edwin is indeed strong n full of courage,he obviously is the big thing I pray and wish him well,and I know his greatness is endless…bless bro

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