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Literary Lust List ~ Four Books To Read In November

I should be more consistent with my literary wish/lust list but I am not. I thought of making an excuse why I’m not and I realised I’d rather just push that aside and share why I should be consistent with my wish/lust list.

The last literary lust list/ wish list I made in April (here), I got two novels like three-five months after. This tells me that if I wrote out my lust list/wish list more often, I’d have more chances of buying at least a couple of the novels I want to read. It may not make sense to you but it does.
Also, putting this out will make me conscious about the literary world and help with the work I’m doing at BeZe Book Club. My November literary lust list/wish list is a compilation of novels I’ve seen for the past couple of months,

Of Women and Frogs by Bisi Adjapon

Books To Read In November

Credit: The Book Banque

This catchy title came across my feed thanks to the people at Farafina Books. I hear it is the coming-of-age story of a girl named Esi and it touches on the hypocrisy of adults in the African culture. I say, Africa, because the protagonist of this novel is a Nigerian growing up in post-colonial Ghana.
The Bead Collector by Sefi Atta
Books To Read In November

Credit: Twitter

It’s a sad thing I have read nothing from Sefi Atta, and when I get this novel, it will be the first and hopefully not the last. Sefi did a book reading at Ake Books and Art Festival this year in Lagos, too bad I missed that. You know there will be a review of this novel once it’s up because it seems like a fantastic read.
On Ajayi Crowther Street by Elnathan John and Alaba Onajin
Books To Read In November

Credit: Twitter

How can you love an author you’ve not read? You do! Hence, why this novel is on this list because Elnathan John is writing this. Although I’ve purchased and not read Born on a Tuesday, I’m pretty excited to read this.
Too Good To Die by Chidi Odinkalu and Ayisha Osori
Books To Read In November

Credit: P.A.G.EBookConnoisseurs

Fuelling my new love for politics or rather the fate of the average Nigerian due to the government we have, it was quite nice to see this pop on my timeline courtesy Farafina Books. It is described as a thoroughly researched book that gives insight into the infamous third term agenda.
Following a couple of publishing houses of Twitter and a couple of months later, I am sad to share that these four books are the only ones that tickle my fancy. However, I think I have a versatile list still.
If you have read any of these novels, kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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  • Fifi
    November 4, 2018

    I was looking for new books, I guess I’ve got them now. Any ideas on where I could find these?


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