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#MeToo ~ My Experience with Sexual Harassment

For a very long time, my personal experiences were only known to me and a few other people. I was scared because sharing personal things is closely related to weakness, as well as leaving you open to all sorts of attack. Yet, for the first time, I spoke about my battle with mental health here. I also recently shared the sexual harassment experiences I’ve had in the video below.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is harassment (typically of a woman) in a workplace, or other professional or social situation, involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks.

P.S Men can be sexually harassed too!

sexual harassment

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My experiences

My first encounter was as a university student getting advances from her lecturer. The second experience was at my place of primary assignment (PPA) as a youth corp member. The experience which hit the nail on the head happened in 2017 when a colleague in my former office harassed me.

How I feel

Few people want to speak about sexual harassment because as long as you’ve not been raped it really doesn’t hold much weight. I believe it does, I believe just because at that moment it happened the way it did, it doesn’t stop this person from wanting to do further. In fact, sexual harassment in itself can lead to rape and other violent acts against women.

In the bid to stop things like this from escalating, we need to stop them from the grass root. Men need to learn about consent and women need to be more vocal about their experiences.

I finally shared my story in the video below, I hope it inspires you to do the same!

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I actually recorded this video about a month ago, but I feel like sexual harassment is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed. Other hot topic aka Conversations with Chi issues will be timely. Scouts honour!

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