Guardian Life July 1, 2018

SARS~To End Or To Reform

James Ademuyiwa, a social media marketer, does not believe the police is a friend. After two nasty experiences with men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Abeokuta and Lagos, his disposition is more than justified. The first time he was arrested for committing no crime, he was walking down a street in the Ogun State capital.

Immediately tagged a Yahoo boy — the Nigerian label for an internet fraudster — without evidence or justification, his phone was confiscated.

Without asking any questions, knowing he would be saving himself from wounds or bloody harassment, he handed them his phone. Nothing incriminating was found on it. Yet, he was told he had to pay to ‘bail’ himself.

James’ encounters with the now dreaded police squad mirror thousands of others by young Nigerians, with some ending in fatalities.

“No police officer should violate the rights of even criminals,” says Segun Awosanya, a convener of the #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG Movement.

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