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There is always love on the bus.
It starts with the school kids who have come to an agreement on saving their money or they simply don’t have as much to take them to school and back. They ‘lap’ their siblings and friends in the most uncomfortable of positions. There is love and excitement in their eyes as they chat about homework and cool stories that happened in school.
Ever seen the couple who can’t seem to remember that anybody else exists in the bus save them? They pay their fare and chat animatingly from the time they board the bus till the moment they come down. They laugh at jokes nobody else will ever understand, look out to make sure the other person is comfortable. They appreciate the moments they have together, even if that moment is shared with sixteen other people watching.
How can I miss the solidarity of passengers when the rights of another passenger is being abused by the conductor or the driver of the bus. You see, in Nigeria, the bus driver and his conductor are two-faced devils that entice you to get on the bus (not like you have a choice anyway) and transform before your very eyes once they start moving. That solidarity in its rare moment is the most glorious thing you’d ever see. It is a small act that speaks to the fact that we haven’t lost our humanity. Regardless of the challenges, we’d show love on this bus.
On some very good days, you reunite with old friends. You smile as they board the bus and you are grateful for the company. Sometimes you start a friendship anew on the bus. It becomes the base for your friendship. Where it all started. Sometimes, where it ends.
There is always love on the bus. Even when it’s uncomfortable, especially in that moment. We understand in silence that only showing love and witnessing will get us through the bus ride.
There is always love on the bus because contrary to popular belief, love is not dead!

10 thoughts on “There Is Always Love On The Bus

  1. Ohhh… This is beautiful. I can’t wait to read more. And yes, I have made good friends in a taxi 🙂.

    Welldone Cuzin

  2. Love Love Love it! Makes me reminisce about my 1million bus rides and how the most magically odd things happen daily

    1. Thank you!!!!

      I know right, as annoying as being in the bus might be, this little encounters make up for it.
      *sending kisses your way*

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