Guardian Life January 20, 2019

Transaction Chronicles: Her Body, His Money

Bridget Achieng is a Kenyan socialite known in circles for her curvaceous body. Although she admits that people assume that she is from a wealthy family, she told British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that she grew up in one of the densely populated, rural areas of the Kibera slum, Kenya.

Speaking of her background, she says she once served as a house help and was molested when she was a young girl. That resulted in psychological trauma until she was 25.

Describing herself as a former “total African girl”, she notes that luck shone on her after her friend told her that her body can bring her the fortune she had dreamt of as a child. She then used Nairobi Dairies, a reality television show to promote herself. Soon after the show, she got DMs and invites to countries such as Dubai to get as much as $10,000 from as little as sucking toes.

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