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Welcome To My Website!

Can I say how awesome you are for using your data to click on this link? Yes you! You’re awesome and I’m just pretty excited to start this online journey. Welcome to my website!

On this site, you will be privy to a lot of the things that interest me. I hope they are insightful and fun for you. Here’s a brief tour on all the categories you can find on the home page.

Around My Website in 2 minutesĀ 

I love reading. As of last year, I was lost in the world of African literature. You can read about my reviews and everything as it concerns the literary world here.


I write short stories too! Mostly philosophical, maybe this category should be called essays. Till then, you can read all about it here!


One of my goals this year (as it was last year) is to travel. Travel I will and travel I have, so you can go on an adventure with me here.


I have the craziest conversations with my friends, colleagues and family. I will be very intentional with these topics. They will take form of videos and posts so you can watch it here and read about it here.


My portfolio will be stacked with things I do with my 9-5 Guardian Life and other creative projects I’m working on. You can view them here.

Kindly subscribe to my YouTube channel here. Follow me on social media, if you really feel like it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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