Short Stories November 16, 2019

Your Truth Shall Set Them Free

What hinders purity as a writer is the inability to tell your truth, sometimes. Does she know who I’m referring to? Will they connect the dots? Am I ready for the backlash? Now you’re stuck, between escaping with your pen and paper to being a conscious writer. 

At the expense of your sanity? Then you’re not a writer my darling. You’re just someone who very knows of the world around them and needs to shed the weight to be free. To say the truth is to become your words, someone out there can understand this truth.

The first time I had the experience of living that truth was through Chimamanda’s Purple Hibiscus. Growing up as a Nigerian Catholic, I could relate to Kambili in every way, growing up with a Catholic father who was more concerned about the practices which made him look like a good “Catholic” than actually being held to true spiritual or moral standards. Even if Purple Hibiscus was a fictional novel, it was someone else’s truth and it could very well have been mine in the little elements of this novel. 
I want to do that for someone else, at the expense of my societal restrictions. To be a source of escape for other people, to reveal realities people didn’t know existed, to give freedom in any way possible. 

Source: Asiko Artist

Everything I write is a personal experience that gnaws at my existence, things which have pierced me, either by my experiences or the experiences of others.

For months, I have picked up my laptop/phone and dropped it because I wasn’t sure if I wanted the world to connect the dots, to reveal so much about me. In this digital age, there is the need to hide under the guise of mystery, because the internet never forgets and there is the absurd need to be correct, to care for what certain school of thoughts may think about your school of thought, it’s almost suffocating to add to the initial premise.

The first time these words came to life was on April 18th, 2018 at 6:04 am, and on November 16th, 2018 4:49 pm, the truth is set, the next couple of articles you’d read from me would be personal. It may offend or inspire. 

Despite the emotions, these words may have on whoever takes out the time to read these articles, what hinders purity as a writer is the inability to tell your truth. Thankfully, nothing hinders this writer anymore. 

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